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Monday, April 05, 2010

It almost burst.

I was on my way back to KL after an event in Penang last Friday. This was the first time i took the Konsortium buses to Puduraya from Sg. Nibong Bus Terminal. I usually ride with Mara Liner. =D

During the 5 hour-something bus ride, we stopped only once at a Petronas just after Ipoh, i think. That time, i didn't have much to let go, if you get what i mean. So i thought i'd fine until i reached KL.


How wrong was i. When we reached Duta toll, there was already a long line of trucks, busses, and cars! Suddenly, i felt the urge to go put out a fire. =/ At first, it was controllable. Then slowly, things at my south region began to feel "out of control" when it dawned on me that today was a Friday, and it is evening. *GASPS*



I kept the faith. After a short traffic congestion at the toll, the buss sped off -- only to my horror, minutes later -- into a MEGA traffic jam around the Damasara exit from Duta. I frequent there, so i know, sure SEI KANG KER LARRR....!!! T__T

By this time, images of me dashing out of the bus and taking a pee on the grass by the road (with all the cars stuck in jam behind me) kept flashing through my mind. I sat with my legs crossed. T_T

Lucky the bus driver smart, took into the emergency lane and kept left where traffic was moving until he took a turn at the Parliament high pass heading towards Lake Gardens. I was relieved.

But it was short lived as soon as he turned into Tun Perak. I SO KNOW THAT ROAD. So the nightmare wan, and to make things worse, there as an event happening at Dataran Merdeka, and the very considerate policeman HAD to close the Jalan Tun Perak BEFORE my bus got into it. Thank you. THANK YOU VERY MUCH. =/

Lucky the bus driver still smart, he noticed the policeman dragging the barricade from far off, he began to turn into Jalan Raja Laut, where he then sped off until he made a U-Turn at Medan Mara.

I passed the toilet at LRT Bandaraya. Then another opposite Medan Mara. And countless of opportunities to dash out and pee in the drain. OMGosh, it drove me half insane!!!

Then when i thought the bus would turn left into Jalan Campbell and join Tun Perak via Melaka Street intersection, it went straight into Jalan Tunku abdul Rahman -- the BUSIEST STREET KNOWN TO MAN IN MALAYSIA. So there goes my bladder. T_______________T

This is not a posed picture. =D

By this time, with my dam almost bursting, and the bus jerking as it inched little by little through the impossible traffic, i was already power gripping my seat's handle bar!! Body fidgeting. Legs crossed even tighter. I swear, i could hardly feel my _ _ _ _ _. @@

Then i got SO THE FED UP, cause the bus made a whole big turn just to end up meters away from the police barricade. =_=" This time i think the bus driver not-so-smart lo. @@!!

I kept praying that i don't embarrass myself with with jeans and by the time i reached McD Tun Perak, i was already making obvious hand actions in the bus. It was OBVIOUSLY to distract my mind from opening the valve down below. I think other passengers thought something was wrong in my head, like a screw loose or something. =/

I actually wanted to run into McD to pee, then run to Puduraya to collect my luggage when the bus stops. In that traffic, i'll be done even before the bus stops, i thought. I was so nail-bitingly irritated when i realized the bus driver didn't want to let two other passengers alight before Puduraya. Have to tahan again. T__________________T

The close to 50 minutes flood prevention ordeal ended when the bus came to a halt in front of Menara Maybank. With very minimum civic consciousness, i waded pushing kids, old uncle and aunties aside my way from the back of the bus in the quickest time, grabbed my luggage, and stomped my way to KFC. Waa.. life saver! XD

It took me about 1.15 minutes (give or take) to open the flood gates. *RELIEVED* You see, it took so long i actually had it timed. *SO VERY RELIEVED* And in that time, i notice the same old uncle i "politely shoved" in the bus used the urinal next to mine, and finished BEFORE ME. =/ haha

I walked out of KFC feeling like a lighter man, almost floating with each step. =DD


The story of moral here is: Well, you all oredy know what to do and what not to do. Im just sharing to make people smile. Hope none were put off with the descriptions in this post. LOL

Gosh, like this oso can make a post?! Well, you betcha! :P


ps. this is by far, the most painful i-can't-wait-to-pee experience ive ever encountered. so it is only natural for me to HAVE to blog about it. =DD

pps. i CANNOT imagine the same situation, replaced with stomach ache. I think that scenario will be EPIC and to live to tell the story, can win Nobel Prize oredy. =DDD

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Off to the Pearl of the Orient


When work calls... i answer.

Here i come! =D

Ill be at Shangri-La Rasa Sayang Resort and Spa, Batu Feringgi, Penang.

Blog will be updated as usual. Magically. LOL


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

International Youth Camp 2009

It's been a long and winding, yet exciting journey since my last quick post on MY-NPL 2009 Grand Finale. Slowly, but surely, remarkable events during the journey will be posted here -- eventually.


But tonight, i will embark on yet another journey, this time one with a more spiritual calling, to Irumbuliyur, Chennai, INDIA. Its the International Youth Camp from 19-22 Nov 2009.

Ill be there two days before and after the camp. There's gonna be about 15000 people there so i don't really know what to expect... but you can be sure to expect a superb list of postings on India when i get back! =P

Its the rainy season in Chennai now, so keep me in your prayers ya.. =D

Check out where i'm going.

Click here and follow the steps if the above link returns null.

Will see you guys in a wink! God Bless!

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Quick Update!

Am currently shootin paint at the Malaysian Paintball League - Grand Finale!

Next its Sweet 16, then its Elite 8, then to Semi finals, before the Finals, and ultimately, PODIUM!!!! XD

Go! Go! Go!

Sunday, November 01, 2009

1st November 2009

My, wasn't it a sight for sore eyes when i saw my aunty coming towards me from a far. She came to pick me up from Hotel Seri Malaysia -- the hoel at which i was lodging throught the SuaRasa event since Tuesday.

Seeing a familiar face has always been very very comforting and reaausring.

Even more so when you just got of out of a sticky situation which was not of your making the the first place.

In this last leg of SuaRasa TV9 Bersama Celcom in Dataran Stadium Darul Aman, Alor Star, Kedah, i was given more responsibility and was also given more a wider reach of athority. MOre of what i used to do in the previes events.

I didn't wana use the word POWER, because that'll have the cliche "With great power, comes great responsibility" running thru your head.

Nevertheless, it was enough to overwhelm. As if being the ONLY Chinse STAFF in the event was not overwhelming enough. It's like, every little thing you do, or what you say, there's owis some one watching. Passersby will sometimes stare at you too... T_T

I bet they're going, "WHat's this Cina Bukit doing here?!!"


I am at my aunty's house now. I came home to a lovely Chinese cooked lunch -- the first in many days. But earlier today. i had a very troubling time and the experience taught me to improve in the future.

My bosses have left for home yesterday due to other pressing matters. I was left with the burden responsibility to have custody over close to RM5000 and pay the local kids who came to work for us during the event.

I knew, when it came to moeny, almost EVRYONE is tensed. Even among them Malays. they can have misunderstadings about payment and money, what more will happen when a Chinse Hill fella, who doesnt know the heads of the story, steps in to do the work.

This is one example of finishing up other peoples' SHIT!!! uncompleted tasks. I am supposed to pay the workers thru their head. He comes up with a list and a grand total of RM2450 for all ABOUT 16 workers.

I, being a trift and a prefectionist, recountered everyting called my boss to confirm. And when my total didnt match his, he started to look abit edgy. Like dam dulan and boh song with me.

But the case is really simple: my boss is the Head who thinks and decides. I am merely the Hand to do what the Head thinks amd decided. And i am ALSO the on who will face the sound of music from both sides whud i screw up or someone is unhappy abour something. @_@

That was challenging. Really. I grew fond of a few hardworking guys, who were relentlssly working their ass off carrying things, keeping the cleanliness and wiping dining tables in the karnival-like event.

So being not able to help them earn a decent wager, due to some *crappy deal with their b0ss and mine, i felt torn in the middle when my total was RM200 lower than their initial count. Their noss didnt seem too happy.

But hey, im just the messenger, don't kill the messenger! @_@

Boss say, i do. But most of the time, its either i die, or they die.

I always find myself in the middle of morally challenging situations. OMG. my head is spinning now. And its freaking hot. God only knows what will happen to me if im in the Kembara i came with,. heading back to KL now...


I think ill ctach forty winks now..


Saturday, October 31, 2009

Its game from the GET GO!! (update)

Heys all, just to pop on by to let yo know im still alive and very much kicking at SuaRasa TV9 Alor Star 2009.

Today is the day. Its game from the get go!!!

It's 5.48am now, just done with final editing of layout and other necessary stuff for the big day. My colleagues are snoozing behind me. @_______@

It's alot of work here, but at the same time, its a helluva alot of funn too!!

Yeah, call me a saddist who loves to self torture for funn. LOL

Oh, did i mention my aunty and cousin came by the event site to see me? SO the very the happpeee! XDD

So much have opened up my eyes in the last few days, ill have to talk about them some other day.

For now, here's a few things that may opne your eyes... =P

#1. I peed in the drain (in the dark, of course!! XD) TWICE during the last two days. 0.o LOL

#2. It wasnt my fault, the aunty who lives at the public toilet, closed early.
(YESSS, apparently there are ppl who lives in toilets. T___T)

#3. I pinjam-ed my 21 yo male colleague my long pants ydy. Today he'll have my socks. Tmr... (don't even THINK about it! =DD)

#4. I speak to so many entreprenuers here in Malay on my 016 fon, so much so that when my friends call me on my 012, i answer in Malay. and one silly guy, when he heard me say, "Hello, siapa nie yerr...?"

He hung up. @_@ LOL

And oh, my ear burns too as a result of prolonged "Hello, siapa nie yerrrr?"(S)


#5. I asked my aunty to toot-toot me RM??? for pocket money, cuz i cudnt tear myself away from work!

#6. Then with the money, i cud belanja 2 Bangladesh workers onsite RM46.30 worth of KFC. And i was very contended doing so. Without their help, i would be dead now. Literally.

#7. I have been up for 24 hours. Wootz!

Wish me luck guys! I love you all!

Daddy and Michele reading this, i love you more!



ps. UPDATE: duno why the lappy isued to blog before sot sot wan, all that i wrote, didnt appear. Seeesh! So now oni realized, and rectifying it b4 heading off to event site. Im expect to shop til i drop today because its the last day.

They're selling songket sampin at one for RM90, TWO for RM100, and i just heard them screamout ydy, THREE for RM100. Im wating for it to get to FIVE for RM100! *grin*

Of course, there'll the various assortment of kerepek, cookies and local made food stuff from Bumiputera small and mudium businesses (SMBs) to choose from. Not to forget, some China Crocs at RM22.50 and designer RayBans at RM15, all prices are, eventually, negotionable.

Sometimes i think its due to the fact that i am wearing a sweaty and sticky URUSETIA shirt all the time. haha.. see? hard work and sacrifices pays off. LOL

Update soon! XD

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Hello all!

First day in Alor Star for setting up of SuaRasa TV9 Bersama Celcom and i am happy to report that i am still alove and kicking. For now.


Yeah, sounds so mysterious hor? haha. Its been a roller coaster since i left KL two days ago. First was the 5 hour car ride in a not-so-optimum Perodua Kembara. And by not-so-optimum i mean humming engine even when car is moving at 5th gear, about aprrox. 100-110km/h. Only will purr like a kitten from 120km/h ONWARDS. Go figure how fast we were going. Almost the speed of light, in hamster speed, of course. Plus super loud Malay music booming behind me. @_@

The got the main question; which is worst, four power windows, but only ONE can open, and its NOT MY SIDE; or colleagues who smoke? OOohh... no surprise there! LOL

Thank God He was by my side, i withstood everything.

And i was happily chewing down the cut apples and pear i had with me in the back. Wooh! XD



Arrived at Seri Malaysia Alor Star about 7.45pm. No dinner, straight away went to check out the site. And yada yada yada, dinner and nights off. Me and 2 collegues shared with boss. The next morning, i woke up only to find my two colleagues left me asleep, with my boss on the other bed. T_T

Then i found out, they just ran out early to escape the music of the nostrils.. *snores* LOL

Today was good. In fact, it was particularly guuuud. I wouldnt want to bore you with the specifics, but the main highlight of the day was REARRANGING ALOT OF 20X20 TENTS FOR FOUR TIMES OVER!~

By the fourth time, on which i was the one to break the news to the local Chinese contractor, Wilson was already fuming till his ears! I can understand why.

But what has to be done, has to be done. And despite all resentment and anger, Wilson manages the task in the most creative, but almost unthinkable by many -- and this is how he shifted 12 20x20 tents from one end to the other on site:


Brilliant kan?

I thought he was going to take hours to get done. Which he did, eventually. But then again, better like this, than to actually dismantle 12 tents, move them, and set them up again. Tht will definitely be insane. =/

all was well, until dark clouds filled the skies. I no longer needed my sunshades, but i also no longer needed to work that whole time, because the rain hampered our tent rearranging efforts.

Thanks to all of you guys who spoke so wonderfully about the rain in KL... =DD

I will be expecting a longer day ahead tmr, but my chin is held high. Come what may, i will still be smiling at the end of the day...! XDD

ps. looking forward to meet my aunty and a few special friends here in Alor Star! Wooohooo! XD

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

SuaRasa TV9 Alor Star

Am currently up North in Alor Star for the final leg of SuaRasa TV9 bersama Celcom from 30-31 Oct 2009 at Stadium Darul Aman, Kedah. If you're around the area, don't be a stranger and come say hi!

There's gona be loads of cool stuff to see and do, particularly at my area where the MOE entreprenuers will be setting up booths to highlight their local products ranging from fish produce to fresh fruits. MARDI will also have baby plants and seedling on sale to the public. Not to mention the other tidbits and keropoks are a plenty too!

It's a two day event, so come come come yeah! XDD See you there!

ps. update you soon!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Eugene Kaspersky My HEEERO!

How to portray Mr. Eugene Kaspersky as My HERO to fight viruses + event of his visits in Malaysia?
Image Hosted by
(Wilson's shirt! =P)




That's a tricky question. Just how do i portray a man who came up with a super anti virus and named it after himself? haha.

Wait, i know. Ill tell you a story. =D


Then again, i never was good at telling stories. Ill just tell you what i know about this formidable man, Mr. Eugene Kaspersky, creator of Kaspersky Anti Virus and co-founder of Kaspersky Labs.

Mr. Kaspersky (for blogging purposes, Mr. Kaspersky shall, from hence forth, be known as Mr.Sky =]]) hails from small town Novorossiysk, Russia. He graduated from the Institute of Cryptography, Telecommunications and Computer Science. This man i tell you, is really a wonder. He got involved in the anti virus business when his computer was attacked by a virus in 1989!

Dun pray pray with him man! See now, 20 years later, he has created an anti virus so WOW, it not only whacks the viruses which attacked his computer once upon a time, but it also continues to whack all the grand- grand-generations of viruses! Talk about total retribution. *YAYS* =D

Image Hosted by
I imagine this is him getting back at them viruses! =DD

Here's abit more about the man if you no time to Google him:
Born in Novorossiysk, Russia, Eugene graduated from the Institute of Cryptography, Telecommunications and Computer Science and worked at a multi-disciplinary scientific research institute until 1991. He began studying computer viruses in 1989, when the Cascade virus was detected on his computer.

From 1991 to 1997 Eugene worked at the KAMI Information Technologies Center where he developed the AVP antivirus project with a group of associates (AVP was renamed Kaspersky Anti-Virus in November 2000). Eugene Kaspersky became a co-founder of Kaspersky Lab in 1997.

Today, Eugene Kaspersky is one of the world's leading experts in the information security field. He has written a large number of articles and reviews related to computer virology and speaks regularly at specialized seminars and conferences all over the world.
Source: Facebook Fan page. Like him? Be his fan lah!

Recently the Russian IT Tzar himself came to Malaysia on an Asian tour. He visited Indonesia and Singapore prior to Malaysia, and hopes to stop by other Asian countries before heading back to Russia.

Note: Tzar is an imperial Russian title for emperor. EMPEROR. wooh! Wikipedia mentioned this:
Originally, the title Czar (derived from Caesar) meant Emperor in the European medieval sense of the term, that is, a ruler who claims the same rank as a Roman emperor, with the approval of another emperor or a supreme ecclesiastical official (the Pope or the Ecumenical Patriarch).
During his brief but meaning visit to Malaysia, he has made several special appearences to meet the people, the loyal end users of his famed anti-virus on locations in and around KL City. I however, had the opportunity to meet him face to face in KL when i was invited to an exclusive dinner event, An Evening with The Russian IT Tzar Eugene Kaspersky, held at Tamarind Hill, Jalan Sultan Ismail on the 15th Oct 2009.


The restaurant itself was rather exotic, perhaps the organizers wanted to show our Guest of Honor a taste of exotic Malaysia... With the its charm of naturalistic yet contemporary Asian setting, Tamarind Hill effortlessly set the ambience fit for a royal arrival. =D

Image Hosted by
This is the entrance to the fine dining restaurant. The event was held at the lower bar/longue area.
Image Hosted by
That's Gladys in the walk way.

Image Hosted by
Registration counter. Always see gurls oni. =D

Image Hosted by
Do you think this shot worked out? Do tell. =P

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by
Just charming hor?! I really struggled with the photos, the place was very dimly lit. Samo i am not pro photographer. T_T

Image Hosted by
Desert by the water wall. 0.o


Image Hosted by
People who arrived earlt chillin around and networking. Free flow of lime, lemongrass, and asam jawa juices all night. Wooh!
Image Hosted by
Local distributors of Kaspersky AV in Malaysia. They're set to perform later that eveing.


Image Hosted by
All out to create the ambience with real live fire weyh!! @_@

Nevertheless, for guests heading to Tamarind Hill, a rustic oasis amid the city's skyscrapers, sitting in tranquility on a private hill next to one of the busiest roads in KL, getting there during dinner time could proove an uphill challenge.

Image Hosted by

Street wise city folk would have taken the Monorail. Other not-so-wise ones would have driven, like me. Because the restaurant was located on the OTHER side of the convinient road, there ws no way to get to it except for drivers to make a huge turn around the block via Jalan Raja Chulan, only to find themselves crawling bumper to bumper on Jalan Sultan Ismail towards the restaurant, all thanks to the ridiculous traffic lights at the Shangrila KL cross junction. @_@

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by
Alex of having a chat with some guests. Lady in cyan blouse is Janet, PR. Lovely lady. =D

Image Hosted by
Performers standing by. This pic has been severely photoshopped. LOL

Image Hosted by
Timothy, the pre-emce (is there such a thing? LOL) and Gladys of Gladys was the one who gave me a courtesry call to confirm my RSVP. After about 3 minutes chatting, i saw her name on the name stciker on her arm. Then i went, "OH!!! So YOU are Gladys??!!" miahahaha

Image Hosted by

Unfortunately, Mr. Sky himself also had a taste first hand of what a Malaysian traffic jam after office hours is like. He made sure we all knew what he went thru when he addressed the crowd who were waiting for his arrival as early as 7pm. Besides thanking guests for their presence and expressing how delighted he is to be in Malaysia, he also mentioned in his very brief introduction:

"I have been in many traffic jams. In Russia, the cars moves. But here in Malaysia, NOTHING moves!! Even a tortoise can move faster here!", he said to thunderous applause and laughter from the crowd.

Image Hosted by
He's saying, "Go get your food! Don't worry about me.. Go on ahead! Go Go!" XD

And at that very point, everyone knew he was a man with a huge sense of humour and that they were in for a pleasent evening ahead! =DD


Image Hosted by

Guests quickly formed lines at the buffet line up as soon as Mr. Sky annouced that dinner is served. He has his guests best interst at heart because he insisted that dinner be served, and then the speeches to follow. What a jolly good man, eh?! Probably all his waiting in the Malaysia jam worked up an appetite too!

Image Hosted by
Dam nice the food there. Rice only oso got TWO kinds ady! 0.o Got butter rice, and fruity rice, two chunks of stewed lamb, steamed broccoli, fish fillet, some ulam, bread sticks, prawns, and chicken! *yummy*

Image Hosted by
My favorite: water chestnut -- a famous Thai desert!

Image Hosted by
I have NEVER seen water chestnuts THIS BIG... EVER!!! And i got to have as many servings as i wanted that night!! You say i happee or not...?!! Miahahah!


Image Hosted by

When everyone was seated and enjoying their dinner, Timothy Low, the pre-emcee of the night called on a street dance troupe (sorry forgot name =P) to perform. And there were guuud! Awesome is an understatement to describ them. They were THAT good. =D

Image Hosted by

Dance with full of feeling sumore. But looks more like he's constipated or something! jkjk ^_^

Image Hosted by

Even Mr. Sky stopped eating a few times becaus his jaw dropped at them busting the moves. =DD

Image Hosted by
The night was aimed to be a chill out kinda night, where guests can enjoy the food, the performances, network, and of course, meet the famed Russian IT Tzar up close and personal!

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Dee was the emcee for the night. And what a fabulous show he -- i mean she *winks* -- put on that night. He opened the night in an extravagantly flamboyant pink overcoat with beatle eye shades, apparently personalizing a Tzar in all Russian style.

(sorry no pic of that, camera was showing temper at me, didn't want to snap. T__T)

Being a comedian by nature, he even said, "When Sook Ling told me to dress up, this is my best attempt to look like a Tzar. Any more effort, nanti i will look like Tzar-rina pulak" (Zarina is usually a Malay female name). The crowd burst out in laughter again! XD

And when i thought nothing about the Tzar-rina joke, this is what he appeared as next:

Image Hosted by
Tzar-rina the Tzar Diva! XD

Image Hosted by

By this time, everyone was almost done with dinner and Dee called upon Mr. Sky to take the stage for some Q&A with the guests. And knowing Malaysian, all shy shy wan, Dee had to literally walk around the restaurant to "make" people ask question or if they had anything to say to the Tzar.

Image Hosted by

Truth be told, Dee is quite tall with a large built, so she he can be pretty intimidating at times. Almost effortlessly. Haha. But in the true Malaysian spirit, guests actually played along with some even saying "I Love YOu" to Mr. Sky! The Tzar, of course, was sitting solo on the stage while Dee went around. =/

From the last question, Dee announced the next agenda and out came a birthday cake! To Mr. Sky's surprise, it was a surprise birthday celebration for his and Mr. Harry's birthday, which happen to be only days apart. Mr. Harry is the CEO of (pls confirm anyone? =D) which was part of the organizing effort for Mr. Sky's visit to Malaysia.

Image Hosted by

A short sketch came on soon after the cake cutting session. Partners and distributors of Kaspersky AV in Malaysia acted an out of the box -- and out of the screen -- performance which left guests laughing in stitches.
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by

The sketched ended with Kaspersky triumphing over the pesky viruses! *YAYS*

Image Hosted by
They came together and sang their original rendition of 1 Malaysia, 1 Kaspersky, in the true spirit of 1 Malaysia!

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by
Got gurl rapping samo. Fwah! XD

Image Hosted by
Group picha! XDD

More dance items come on for the night. They included:

Indian solo dance. Geng la she, dance all alone. Wooh!
Image Hosted by

Dance showdown!!
Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by
Antivirus scare Virus; Virus scare back antivirus! LOL

Image Hosted by
AV and Virus dance off -- like literally jump off the ground!! =D

Image Hosted by
Dance dance oredy, in the spirit of 1 Malaysia, all become friends... haha!

And a very special dance by the guest of honor, Mr. Sky, accompanied by Dee, this time in yet another outfit. It was really beginning to feel like i was at a Chinese wedding dinner where Dee was the bride who kept changing dinner outfits! ^_"

Image Hosted by

Anyway, watch the Trepak also known as the Russian Dance, performed by Mr. Eugene Kaspersky! Hillarious. He also claims he does NOT dance. =DD

Suddenly it looked like Dee was half Russian himself! ^_^

The night slowed to some short speeches by Mr. Harry and Ms. Gan Sook Ling, both of They expressed their utmost gratitude to guests and their local distributors for their strong support and believe in Kaspersky AV. Everyone was smiling that night, espcially Mr. Sky! ^_"

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by
Ms. Gan, Mr. Harry.

And with that, the awesome night finally came to a close. Most guests took the opportunity to meet and greet the Russin IT Tzar, and taking so many so many pictures with him! I can only recall the never ending flashed here and there and everywhere... @_@

Yet, Mr. Sky was ever so obliging for photo taking, even though he may be half blinded with the flashed form the notorious cameras -- DSLRs, but mostly compact cams with direct flash -- pointed in his direction to capture the moment. Still he kept smiling. HERO lah he! XD

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

I wasted no time i cutting cue to get my photo take with the man who created the very antivirus that blocked 3728 intrusion to my laptop over the past months! *YAYS*

Image Hosted by

All in all, it was a decent event with good food and great people, all of whom had a good time with no regrets. Hey, they did meet the Russian IT Tzar AND had dinner with him, right? Well, sort of anyway. =D

Image Hosted by

What a superb night!

Image Hosted by


That was An Eveing with The Russian IT Tzar Eugene Kaspersky in a nutshell.

Now, just how to portray Mr. Eugene Kaspersky as My HERO to fight viruses?

Actually, i don't have to. Quite franlky, i don't need to. WHY?

Image Hosted by
"All in a day's work"

Well, Mr. Eugene Kaspersky is like a Porsche, just place them anywhere, these cars just sells themselves. =DD

EVEN if i hadn't been invited to the dinner and weren't able to meet him and shake his hand, he would STILL be my HERO, because of him, i can use a fortified AV system to protect my PC. So, he's like the HERO of all heroes to me. =DD

But just for the sake of argument, here are a few reasons why he deserves to be called the HERO that he rightfully is:

#1. Look Alikes
Image Hosted by
Cmon, with such a good looking HERO, who needs another? =D

#2. A HERO who dances. Where to find, you tell me?

Superman, Batman, Spiderman -- have you seen them dance in the movies before? =/

No right? ^_^

#3. Speaking of movies, im SURE you've all heard of Jackie Chan, the bestest, most terra kung fu hero in all of Chinese culture?!

Yeah, the Drunken Master, the New Police Story cop, and the Rush Hour detective!


Image Hosted by
Him with the Russian.

And to partner with Jackie Chan is the smartest move anyone in the AV industry has ever made. Sure, Jackie may not know as much as Mr. Sky about virus attacks, but Mr. Chan sure garners worldwide attention and support through his action movies and kung fu moves.

Image Hosted by

And anyone who is not insane will see the logical correlation between the two:

Mr. Chan kicks the baddies' asses.
Mr. Kaspersky makes is viruses worst nightmare.
Both of them coming together only means a tougher, ass kickin AV to kick the viruses' asses 99!!

Absolute logic. At least that's what comes to mind when i first see the photo above. =DD

#4. See how Mr. Sky also has some hidden powers which i managed to uncover during the dinner?

# Powerful breath.
Image Hosted by

# Ability to cut both sides. XD
Image Hosted by

# Burning the viruses cigar!
Image Hosted by

# The Russian Palm.
Image Hosted by

# The one thing in common with Superman, laser eyes. =P
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(not on purpose edit the eyes yeah. its RED EYE. and i duno how to correct it. T__T)

# An eccentric expression to scare the viruses away. LOL
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#5. Sense of humour.

When commented by Dee, "I think yoiu are very handsome.."

He cheeckily replied, "Well, of course!"
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Seriously, how many superheroes you see that has a sense of humour? They come and saves the day, and vanish before they are swarmed by paparazzis. The world is getting too serious lately.

It is definitely refreshing to see a HERO with a big heart and a BIGGER sense of humour! *winks*

#6. The system.

After a recomendation from Ming Ming, ive used Kaspersky with little complaints. Most of my friends who are using Kaspersky says the system is almost impeccable.

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I overheard this just before dinner:
A: Why, Kaspersky so good meh? My office use Norton oso ok wat.
B: Well, it's like that. In offices and enterprises, the network itself will have firewalls and other kinds of security features. Saying, if there was a email with virus which was sent to you, before it even reaches your inbox, it would probaly have been blocked at several security points in the network, ie. the server firewall, the network firewall, and other scans.

Hence, even a cincai antivirus like Norton won't be able to detect an intrusion for the many years you've been using it -- simply because the threats were dealt with early on.

A: Got so many stuff boh? @_@

B: Got lah. Then think, what IF you used Norton, or any other AVs, say in your personal computer at home? Now, unless your home computer is connected to a super large and secure network, once an intrusion is detected, it may already be IN your system because you don't have multiple layers of filtering.

But with Kaspersky AV, its all in one, suitable for use in offices as well as at home. And Kaspersky AV takes care of all the threats for you, which saves you alot of headache. One setting and it'll purrrr like a kitten. =DD

The antivirus will update itself with the latest security patches online by the hour. Even so, we now have to provide regional support, should we need any. Und ma?

A: [dots....] waaaaa... you so geng wan. Now i finally understand lor!
Note: the above is NOT a fabricated story aimed at buying votes to get me thru (although it is VERY TEMPTING to fabricate. =P) I over heard this from a conversation on my table. I was, of course, pretending to meddle with my camera all the while they were talking, occasionally scribbling some important notes into my Kaspersky notebook! =DD

#7. And in the 1 Malaysia spirit, he's just THEEEEE man lah.

In all seriousness. Really. Down to earth, crazily sociable, and amazingly friendly, what's more to ask for someone to be your HERO?!! With him you even get super farnee and whacky tacky, all in one!

He really doesn't come across as a stcuk up who invented the world's leading antivirus hence you allmust bow to me now type of guy. And he has a kinda squeeky voice which makes his more so adorable, especially among the fairer sex! =DD

It's been my utmost pleasure and privilage to have met Mr. Eugene Kaspersky, shook his hand, and curi curi took numerous pics of him during the dinner! =DD

Mr. Eugene Kaspersky, IF you're reading this: YOU IS ARE AND WILL BE MY HERO!
(kindly excuse the kinda screwed up language of a super excited blogger! =])


So to end the night, here'e the team for you!
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The Tzar and staff.

Get more info about CLICK! If you didn't already know, they're Kaspersky Lab's Official South East Asia eStore, kinda like your one stop site for all your antivirus solutions. And what's more, their website is dam chun because according to where you log in from, ie. Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, etc, the currencies in the site will change to match your local curreny, when the site detects you IP address. How cool is THT?!! XD

And then, and then, you their fan club. FREE wan. And be in the loops about up and coming events!

Thank you for the gracious invitation Mr. Mok and the team! Keep up the good work!
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Wah, Mr. Mok looks more the fighter than me leh. Paiseh. T__T

Thank you also, to the only other blogger i know that attended the dinner, food blogger, Wilson Ng. Gam siah gam siah for the tunjuk ajar with DSLR camera yah. ^_"

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Before me signing off, must jakun jakun cam ho in lift first! miahaha! XD

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"All in a day's work!"

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And did i mention, i *hearts* Kasprsky? XDD


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